Mahjong Solitaire

Online Mahjong Solitaire

Try out our new mahjong solitaire game! 40 Levels and growing. Shared highscores between all players. Better graphics.

Made to fill in the gaps where other Mahjong games fell short we are sure you will enjoy this addition to our site. Play Mahjong

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How to play Mahjong Solitaire (Press continue in the bottom right corner to start.)

Mahjong Solitaire (also commonly known as Shanghai Solitaire) is very different from the normal 4 player Mahjong game. The only common thing between the two games is that they are played with the same tiles. In Mahjong Solitaire you try and remove all the tiles from the playing area by matching up tiles that are free.

Free tiles are tiles that don't have tiles bordering on their left or right hand side. Tiles with other tiles on top off them are also not free. Below are some pictures with free tiles highlighted to give you an idea.

Free Tiles

In the computerized version of the solitaire game, players play against time to accumulate score. The faster the tiles are cleared the more score you will accumulate.

In this version there is a bunch of different layout to try. We suggest starting off with the default layout to get familiar with the game and the rules.

In the above solitaire game you can also change the tile to have different pictures on them and you can even build your own unique layouts.


Please Note: This game was created by a 3rd party company and we can't make any changes or updates to it. We have created out own version of Mahjong Solitaire which we can change and update as we like. A lot of issues that has been raised about this mahjong game have been addressed in our own version. You can play our mahjong solitaire game by clicking here.

Issue: Can I turn the sound off?

Unfortunately not. You can turn off the music but not the sound effects.

Issue: This game is impossible. I can't finish some of the levels.

This is true. Level 3 (3D Pyramid) and 4 (Abstract) doesn't have an even number of tiles meaning if you clear all the tiles on the layout you will still be stuck with one. As we did not create this game it is not something we can fix.

Issue: The game won't load for me. It gets stuck on the loading screen or displays only a black screen.

This happens from time to time and is something that is not wrong or broken with our site. You can address this issue by trying the following steps:

  1. Go to the page with the game that doesn't want to load and press Ctrl + F5. This will force the game to complete reload.
  2. Clear your browser history. You can do this by opening the "Tools" menu of your browser and selecting "Internet Options". From here you can delete your browser history. Now reload the page.
  3. Download the latest version of flash from by clicking here. After installing and restarting your browser repeat step 1.

None of the above worked. What now?

Be patient. The problem can be that your ISP has cached a partially downloaded version of the game. If this is the case then the game will start working after a day or so when your ISP's cache clears itself.

Issue: None of the above.

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