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Free Mahjong
  • In order to play this free Mahjong game you must have Microsoft Silverlight plugin for your browser installed.
    Click here to install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.
  • If you have any problems viewing or playing this Mahjong game please visit the troubleshooting section.

About Mahjong

Mahjonged was created with the idea of an ever evolving free Mahjong solitaire where a community of people will grow the game together. It will never be out of development as we will always seek to improve on what is already there, add new features and make the game more fun.

Free Mahjong Game

With the built in Level Editor you can create your own Mahjong levels and then publish them to us. If the level you published falls within a specified standard we will add the level to our game.

We hope you enjoy playing Mahjong as much as we enjoyed developing it. If you find any issues with the game, have some idea or wish to give us some feedback feel free to do so by clicking here.

In Development
  • Mobile Mahjong

Troubleshoot Mahjong Issues

Please Note:
Check the Known Issues section first to see if the problem you are experiencing isn't something that hasn't been fixed yet.

Problem: The game is not displaying for me.
  1. Reset Silverlight
  2. Clear Browser History
  3. Make sure you have the latest version of the Microsoft Silverlight plugin installed by clicking here.
  4. Try a different browser. Our game has been tested on Microsoft IE8, Firefox and Google Chrome.
Problem: The game doesn't fit into my browser window.
Solution 1: You can press F11 to make the browser run in full screen mode. When you want the browser to leave full screen mode when done playing you can press F11 again.
Solution 2: Unfortunately the only other solution to this problem is to play the game on a bigger screen.