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Play live online Mahjong against other players and win real cash!

You can now play a game of traditional Mahjong online and play against Mahjong players worldwide. Online Mahjong is exactly like traditional Mahjong – four players play against each other online. Players take part in Mahjong tournaments and play for money and prizes. Online Mahjong tournaments are played all day long. To take part is very easy – no download required, simply click here to sign up.

Join the largest online Mahjong community and you not only get a chance to measure and improve your skills by competing in tournaments and competitions but you also get to chat to the other Mahjong players worldwide. Play for free or sign up for tournaments for as little as $1 to win cash and prizes.

(More info on the rules and frequently asked questions about playing online can be found on the Online Mahjong site)

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