Mahjong 3d

Mahjong Solitaire (also commonly known as Shanghai Solitaire) is very different from the normal 4 player game. The thing in common between the two games is that they are played with the same tiles. In Mahjong Solitaire you try and remove all the tiles from the playing area by matching up tiles that are free.

Free tiles are tiles that don’t have tiles bordering on their left or right hand side. Tiles with other tiles on top off them are also not free. Below are some pictures with free tiles highlighted to give you an idea.

In the computerized version of the solitaire game, players play against time to accumulate score. The faster the tiles are cleared the more score you will accumulate.

In this version there is a bunch of different layout to try. We suggest starting off with the default layout to get familiar with the game and the rules.

In the above solitaire game you can also change the tile to have different pictures on them and you can even build your own unique layouts.